Vic Hennegan – Desert God

Vic Hennegan - Desert God

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Vic Hennegan – Desert God
CD-R, Space for Music, 2004

The album “Desert God” is the second album sent to me by this American musician, which investigates a complete different world of music, the realms of the ambient/space genre.

“Gaya” is a haunting free floating track with great textures, but sadly enough this atmosphere and impact is withdrawn on the title track and the other two tracks after that.
In those tracks, I almost felt Mr Hennegan searching without finding the right things, also made worse as the music sounded occasionally distorted.

The rather simple sounding “Ocean Watch” returns to a more pleasing musical content, but the stereo spectrum & content of “I walk alone” are too amateur-like to be taken seriously.
No, except for the opening track, this album has no goodies to offer for me…



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