Vir Unis & James Johnson – Perimeter

Vir Unis & James Johnson - Perimeter

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Vir Unis & James Johnson – Perimeter
CD-R, Atmoworks, 2001

“Perimeter” is a double cd-r release which sees fractal-groove king Vir Unis (aka John Strate-Hootman) collaborate with ambient composer James Johnson. The disc of 60 and 70 minutes each feature a blend of high-tech groove and pulse sequencer patterns and rhythms, loops, radiowave mutations and fractalizations to which textures and soundscapes are added.

The outcome is an uninterrupted, overall dynamic sonic landscape that’s constantly shapeshifting and on the move. Sometimes surreal, but also easily switching to bubbling high-tech sonic environments, the music of “Perimeter” will be liked by those who appreciate Vir Unis’ album “Pulse ‘n Atmo” or his collaborative albums “Body Electric” and “Blood Machine” with Steve Roach.

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