Wellenfeld – The Big Bang

Wellenfeld - The Big Bang

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Wellenfeld – The Big Bang
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Mellowjet Records, 2011

The 66-minute “The Big Bang” is the sixth album by Wellenfeld, aka the German duo Andreas Braun and Detlef Dominizcak.

The melodic and highly accessible music comprised on the ten interconnected songs merges spatial/minimal sequencing with choral/string pads, dancy rhythms and beats nicely.
Beside a certain Jarre-esque/Kraftwerkian touch floating through the veins of the music, the vibrant and fresh outcome (the label files it as pulsative EM) with trancy undercurrents also made me occasionally think of the fine instrumentals by Schiller.

All in all, “The Big Bang” contains some catchy and dynamic electronics that will appeal to a many EM fans.

Website: www.wellenfeld.de

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