William Gregg – Epiphenomenon

William Gregg - Epiphenomenon

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William Gregg – Epiphenomenon
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Harmonic Resources, 2013

Compared to Gregg’s previous album “Source of the Hardware”, the music on “Epiphenomenon” is a different story.

The twelve tracks on the electro-acoustic outcome (all recorded during a four hour session) is gentle, beatless and soft space music which sees the composer mix drifting and soaring textures with electric violin, and acoustic guitar.

It doesn’t venture that deep though, remaining overtly lush and rather formless with a slight experimental/abstract approach occasionally. The music’s superficial, chill-out and cheesy nature don’t make this release stand-out or shine bright either.

In my honest opinion, the music lacks too much body and spirit. In my lifetime as a reviewer, I’ve heard better rendered and much more emotive cosmic music.

Website: www.harmonic-resources.com


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