Yarek & Friends – Spirits of the Dust

Yarek & Friends - Spirits of the Dust

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Yarek & Friends – Spirits of the Dust
CD, Generator.pl, 2010

“Spirits of the Dust” is the third album of Polish synthesist Yarek (aka Jaroslaw Degorski), for which he revisited some shelved electronic pieces from the past. For this release, Jaroslaw completely re-arranged and re-recorded them with a bit of help from some friends.

At first glance, the outcome appears to be quite rock-oriented and progressive. Just listen to the rocking e-guitar and powerful rhythms section accompanying the prominent sequencer sketches on the opening piece “Minaret”. “Ariv El” offers a nice interplay of moody guitar and synths, making things settling down in a quiet, dreamy mood.

“Caravana” hits the prog-rock mode again, a folky battle between violin, crashing e-guitar, voice, beats and electronics. “Carima” carries on in an ethnic/traditional style, which is emphasized by the female voice. Things turn more powerful again on “Ultrabas” and “Dance in the Rain” bringing a melange of beat/rhythms and spherical synths, the voices again lending it a ethnic flavour. The sparkling sequences and soloing e-guitar on “Dance in the Rain” remind of contemporary TD.

“Allach Tears” turns out to be a moody, groovy piece with prominent percussion. A soft soaring mellotron flute graces the atmospherics and occasional beats on the groovy “Black Waters”.
“Moon Eclipse” brings things to an end, bringing one more salute with yearning female voice, rocking guitar bits and prominent electronics.

All in all, the 48-minute “Spirits of the Dust” is a rather strange mixed-bag of contemporary electronics, progrock and ethnic/traditional music

Website: www.generator.pl

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