Yen Pox – Between the Horizon and the Abyss

Yen Pox - Between the Horizon and the Abyss

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Yen Pox – Between the Horizon and the Abyss
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Malignant Records, 2015

Massive distorted sounds and textures along a great sense of discomfort are at play on the 73-minute “Between the Horizon and the Abyss”, a maelstrom of dark ambient where quite a lot of industrial and abstract influences kick in.

The unforgiving and harsh apocalyptic atmosphere filling the biggest part of the album hits the listener like a blast, leaving no room for escape. The eerie, grim and dystopian realm constructed by Michael JV Hensley and Steven Hall aka Yen Pox only shows a slight bit of relief on “Cold Summer Skin” and “Ashen Shroud”, where the arc of sound breaks. Still, the ghostly sphere doesn’t fade here, shifting to the weird hallucinogenic on the first half of next piece “In Silent Fields”.

This kind of ritual and nightmarish ambient frozen in time is absolutely not for the faint of heart, as the horrifying and frightening “Grief Ritual” emphasizes. Sinister doomsday ambient terror without a sparkle of remorse is all you get here, so you sure beware.



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