Yen Pox – Blood Music

Yen Pox - Blood Music

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Yen Pox – Blood Music
CD, Malignant Records, 1995/2010

Yen Pox is a project by Michael JV Hensley and Steven Hall.
“Blood Music”, according to the press sheet to be a benchmark recording of experimental/dark ambient music, was originally put out in 1995 and has been out-of-print since many years.

This re-issue comes as a beautifully designed 8-panel DVD digipak double cd edition. The first disc contains the completely remixed and remastered version of the original album, to which a previously unreleased track was added, while the second cd holds the projects self-titled first cassette from 1993 next to various compilations and 7″ releases.

What we got here is frightening, dark and highly atmospheric piece of work, a fathomless sonic companion for a descent into the underworld with a vast array of foreboding and creepy elements. Its abundant sonic canvas of heavily processed organic and tortured sound textures fully reflects the impact of subterranean darkness in every vein.

Although “Blood Music” stands far from my personal taste of ambient music, those who love the scary “Stalker” by Robert Rich & Lustmord or the output by Troum or Inade should check out this well-produced two hour album with expansive ambient noise landscaping.



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