David Michael Matuch – Before Reality

David Michael Matuch - Before Reality

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David Michael Matuch – Before Reality
CD, Infinite Monkey Productions, 1997

“Before Reality” is David’s second album, bearing the well-chosen subtitle “Mind Movie Music and other Ambient Electronic Experiments”.

And yes, cinematic electronic dreamscapes we sure get on this recording, for which David used the Kurzweil K2000RS on two tracks, mostly to create loops, samples and appropriate sequencer patterns. Even during the production process, David switched instruments to stimulate the creative process as much as possible.

The real treat though on this album is the final 26-minute track “Somewhere in the Mind Factory”. To create this favourite track, David applied an old second hand Peavey DPMV-3 synthesizer that didn’t even cost $250. This complex sounding ambient piece is the Magnus opus of “Before Reality”.
It’s a great brain trip into an ambient/industrial world with beautifully rendered surreal psychedelic dreamscapes. This is tantalizing and fascinating until the last minute.

It’s too sad though this talented musician passed away in April 2000 at the age of 35 from complications due to his lifelong battle with muscular dystrophy.



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