Robert Carty – Suntales

Release data: Robert Carty – Suntales CD-R, Private Release, 2006 For years, Robert Carty is known for his highly atmospheric, moody and even spacy ambient music. Well, “Sun Tales” adds a nice chapter to his long list of releases. “Light Dance” kicks off in an inviting manner before “High Tales” takes us on an excellent, lush excursion through space. “Heart…

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Robert Rich – Calling Down the Sky

Release data: Robert Rich – Calling Down the Sky CD, Soundscape Productions, 2003 “Calling Down the Sky” is a live-cd by Robert Rich, clocking at exactly 74 minutes, offering all new atmospheric music. While heavy weather conditions followed Robert Rich during his tour in summer 2003, he gave a house-concert in Denver, where he was surrounded by a group of…

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Between Interval – Autumn Continent

Release data: Between Interval – Autumn Continent CD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2006 “Autumn Continent” is the third cd of the Scandinavian musician Stefan Jönsson, and his second on the Spotted Peccary sub label Wanderings. Like his former recording this again is a great, highly cinematic ambient adventure built of well-crafted soundscapes. The ten mysterious, sometimes even darkening textural landscapes float…

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Dene De Benedictis – A Lone Reply

Release data: Dene De Benedictis – A Lone Reply CD, Fateless Records, 2001 Dean is also known as the musician behind Surface 10, but the music on “A Lone Reply” is something completely different from the rather experimental output on his Surface 10 release “In Vitro Tide”. All recordings were realised between fall ’98 and spring ’99, and is a…

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Brian Parnham – Between Here and There

Release data: Brian Parnham – Between Here and There CD, Floating Point Records, 2005 This is the second release of the American ambient musician Brian Parnham, whose name popped up a few years ago on the Broadvista ambient-sampler “Passing Strange”. The first 8 tracks are taken from an un-released dvd–soundtrack, the other 2 tracks are earlier composed, unreleased tracks. Well,…

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Kelvin L. Smith – Reclining Music

Release data: Kelvin L. Smith – Reclining Music CD-R, Farfield Records, 2003 Kelvin L. Smith hails from South Wales. The cd-cover states that this is “a collection of cliché free ambient tracks for relaxation. Guaranteed free of whale-song and nose-flutes !”. “Reclining Music” is filled with eleven distinct tracks of minimal, sometimes rather abstract and slight drony movements. Things here…

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