Richard deHove – Worlds Beyond Number

Release data: Richard deHove – Worlds Beyond Number CD, Private Release, 2006 It’s been quiet for a long while regarding new artists composing well produced space music. Well, this guy Richard DeHove sounds most promising on his cd “Worlds of Number”. The strong opening track “The Good Earth” has been used for as background music for a series of space…

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Jim Pietkivitch – Spiral Journey

Release data: Jim Pietkivitch – Spiral Journey CD, Electrofine Music, 1998 “Spiral Journey”is the second cd of the Colorado-based American musician Jim Pietkivitch. The cd-cover looks very nice and invites the listener on an imaginary trip into the huge galaxy which surrounds us. The cover goes very well with the featured music on the album: here we get a good…

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Jim Pietkivitch – Inner Worlds

Release data: Jim Pietkivitch – Inner Worlds CD, Electrofine Music, 2004 Before I started listening to this cd, Jim let me know this new music has an “Inner” theme to it. In addition he explained it may not be as electronic or space sounding as the former one “Spiral Journey”, but the overall feel should be more consistent. The first…

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Terran Spiral – Time to Slide

Release data: Terran Spiral – Time to Slide CD-R/Digital Download, Private Release, 2001 Terran Spiral is mainly Robert Carpenter. He has set himself the goal to create cinematic, adventurous music, inspired by books, TV, film and even computer games. “Time to Slide” contains overall instrumental music, except for two vocal tracks, where Robert’s rather fierce guitar solo’s can be heard…

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Waterbone – Tibet

Release data: Waterbone – Tibet CD, IntentCity Records, 2003 Waterbone is a music project by producers/musicians Jimmy Waldo and D. Kendall Jones, who travelled all the way to Tibet to score a variety of raw source material. On “Tibet” (which is actually a re-release from an album from 1997)they combine them with worldbeat/trip hop dance grooves and hypnotizing rhythms. Well,…

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Eirik Lie – 12 Bilder

Release data: Eirik Lie – 12 Bilder CD, Visuell Musikk, 1996 “12 Bilder” is the first release of this small Norwegian label. It contains a selection of music of the Norwegian musician Eirik Lie which he made for installations, theatre and videos. Upon hearing this cd, you’ll enter a strong eclectic, rather dark-shaped world of textures that at first reminded…

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