Sync24 – Source

Release data: Sync24 – Source CD, Ultimae Records, 2007 Sync24 is a project of Swedish composer Daniel Ringström, one of the members of the Scandinavian down-tempo project Carbon Based Lifeforms. After several loose tracks on various samplers, “Source” is Daniel’s first full-length solo release. Listening to “Source” is kind of a deep and gliding experience, as the overall music with…

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Anomalous Disturbances – The Spirit Molecule

Release data: Anomalous Disturbances – The Spirit Molecule CD-R, Private Release, 2002 On his debut album “The Spirit Molecule”, musician Terry O’Brien uses the sedating, hypnotizing effects of repetition and loops while using electronic devices. His deep breathing soundscapes created through electronically modified looping guitar might make you think of Jeff Pearce, but here some different angles are taken. The…

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Sonic Metro – Six Dregrees of Separation

Release data: Sonic Metro – Six Dregrees of Separation CD-R, Private Release, 2007 “Six Degrees in Seperation” is the debut album of Sonic Metro, aka the Dutch musician Peter Leijdsman. He formerly played guitar, drums and piano bit before he decided to switched to electronics. A whole new musical world presented itself, opening up totally new horizons. The instrumental album…

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Steve Roach – Quiet Music

Release data: Steve Roach – Quiet Music CD, Fortuna Records, 1986/1999 “Quiet Music” (QM) is a collection of pieces ambient master Steve Roach created in respect for silence between 1983 and 1986. It is dedicated to the passing time and the experience of watching particles in sunlight. The recordings were originally commissioned for several healing arts programs such as the…

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Kevin Rees – Pools of Instability

Release data: Kevin Rees – Pools of Instability CD-R, Private Release, 2003 Kevin Rees hails from Hampshire, England, but now lives in Osaka, Japan. This album was composed almost entirely on a Korg Trinity with only occasional use of classic and acoustic guitar. The recording stands quite on its own, although a typical Japanese flavour is apparent in the first…

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Steve Roach – Proof Positive

Release data: Steve Roach – Proof Positive CD, Timeroom Editions, 2006 Steve’s Roach’s re-discovery of pure analogue instruments has led to another album of excellent “spontaneous impulse”, to quote the sleeve note of the cd. The 21-minute track “Westwind” kicks off with great minimal pulse sequencing and delicate soundscapes before the tantalizing vintage sequences from “Living the Pulse” show up…

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Sonic Immersion
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