Ad van Gerven – Hatching

Ad van Gerven - Hatching

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Ad van Gerven – Hatching
CD, Cue Records NL, 1992

Ad van Gerven was one of the electronic musicians living in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, who participated in the KLEM subsection KLONE at the start of the ‘90. In 1989 he made his first electronic compositions, resulting in two tracks (“Etude” and “Etude 2”) on the Synteam sampler mc “Cycles of Nature”. This was followed by the track “Moonpower” on the cd “Land, Sea and Sky”, a compilation of new electronic musicians.

July of 1992 saw the release of “Hatching”, a concept album about the beginning of new life. Above all, the personal music is a reflection of Ad’s feelings and emotions, its mountains and valleys.

The music is hard to categorize as it doesn’t fit in musical traditions like Tangerine Dream, John Dyson or Jarre. Next to quiet, dreamy and melodic passages, it also contains rhythmic outings in various styles.

The aformentioned track “Etude 2” is now rearranged and titled “Imaginary Voyages” part 1 (The Lake) and 2 (Mountains), and is a journey through nature and becoming one with it. Next comes the more structured “Memories” (working title “This is Life”), echoing feelings experienced when reading a diary, followed by the tranquil and peaceful soundings of “Moonpower”.
“Imaginary Voyages Part 3 and 4” is next, partly breathing the atmosphere of Solitaire’s “Altered States”. The weird “Vodewilafgewo” concludes the album, a complex, rhythmic exercise with lots of changes in tempo’s and bars.

Overall, it’s important the listener has the ability to use his own fantasy and dreams to connect with this original sculptured music.



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