Loneward – Fractional Dimensions Volume 2

Release data: Loneward – Fractional Dimensions Volume 2 CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2023 Here’s Mike Carss’s second chapter in this long-form series exploring slow-moving spaces for contemplation, meditation, and sleep. The continuous 65-minute ambient track entitled “Lacunarity” guides us into overall serene aural territory with broadening textural tapestries. A spacious aural cocoon awaits us featuring a gentle ebb and flow of…

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Robert Schroeder – Floating Music edition 2023

Release data: Robert Schroeder – Floating Music edition 2023 CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spheric Music, 2023 It rather puzzled me what point is/was to publish Mr. Schroeder´s second album “Floating Music” for the third time since the vinyl release in 1980. I figure it must be a long-time wish from Spheric Music to complete the RS catalog. The original album had mixed…

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Subdream – A Tale of Distant Stars

Release data: Subdream – A Tale of Distant Stars DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Exophere Music, 2022 I´ve been following Chris Bryant´s Synphaera label and its sub-labels for years now which has proven a fine outlet for some quality electronic music. One of them is German musician Subdream  (also joining Mr. Bryant’s Ambient Online community) who composes in various Em genres, the majority…

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Spyra – Little Garden of Sound 2022

Release data: Spyra – Little Garden of Sound 2022 CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2022 Spyra´s “Little Garden of Sound 2022” (Monotonous Music For Stereophile Listeners) is a pure and honest dedication to classic Berlin School music and Klaus Schulze in particular. The work itself is a sonic art exhibition with interactive sound sculptures that premiered in July 2022 in Kassel,…

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Tonal Assembly – Four Pieces for Sonic Solitude

Release data: Tonal Assembly – Four Pieces for Sonic Solitude Digital Download, Private Release, 2021 I don´t fight in any sense against the overwhelming amount of electronic music around, but it’s a pity if you miss out on a quality recording that deserves recommendation to a wide audience. So I’m glad a trusted long-time EM aficionado and friend brought this…

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Zuwe – SH40

Release data: Zuwe – SH40 CD/LP/MINIDISC/MC/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Hiraeth Records, 2022 Zuwe is an Amsterdam-based musician whose musical background and experience include mainly (ambient) electronic music and environmental recordings. As his music evolved, he started implementing more instruments such as guitar and piano. Over the years he made and released music in various electronic genres under various aliases. Work on “SH40”…

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