Aes Dana – Aftermath 2.0 Archives of Peace

Aes Dana - Aftermath 2.0 Archives of Peace

Release data:

Aes Dana – Aftermath 2.0 Archives of Peace
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Ultimae Records, 2003/2013

What I got here is a digital-only re-release of the second album by Aes Dana, aka Vincent Villuis, that originally saw the light of day in 2003.
This new version though also includes the profound down-tempo “Aftermath 8” as a bonus, previously found on Nova’s sampler “Albedo”.

If you’re into ethereal and introspective electronica, this lush mix of enhanced textural spaces evokes a balanced, overtly relaxed sonic cocoon. The album opens atmospheric, drifting off easily while accompanied by assorted environmental recordings, further extending on the following tracks. “Aftermath #3” and “Aftermath #6” offer some down-tempo elements and beats, but the largest part of the release features floating and deep ambient soundscapes with an occasional psychedelic touch. The fine ambient gets company of some lush piano playing on “Aftermath #7”.

Nice gesture from the label: if you already have the original cd, send a picture of you with the cover to and they will send you the download link of “Aftermath 2.0 Archives of Peace” for free.


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