Aes Dana – Perimeters

Aes Dana - Perimeters

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Aes Dana – Perimeters
CD, Ultimae Records, 2011

First of all, “Perimeters” sees a departure of the cd packaging and cover artwork known from all previous Ultimae releases. Musically, Vincent Villuis has taken the opportunity to thoroughly reinvestigate the core and sound of the Aes Dana project, which has resulted in an expansion in both sound and style.

This doesn’t mean he has made things easier, despite the incorporation of more upbeat and varied elements to the sophisticated sound design. Even glitchy bits and abstract pieces have firmly entered the Aes Dana sound stage.

“Perimeters” contains a collection of 11 fresh and contemporary downtempo electronica tracks with the purpose to take the listener beyond the perimeters of our microcosmic life. Aes Dana’s vibrant and trance-like groovy compositions are rich in detail and sound very open, at times even touching ground with neo-classical music.

Its deep sound is also profound and at times enters mysterious atmospheres, making the outcome unusual and not that easy at hand, although album opener “Anthrazit” (with Christoph Berg) and the 10-minute title track are very nice and moody efforts next to the up-tempo style heard on e.g. “In Between” or “Heaven Report”.

All in all, “Perimeters” is an earth-bound release and an electronic work of art that needs several listening sessions before one can judge its true value, being less comfortable and predictable during the first spin. As layer after layer have been carefully peeled off and absorbed, one will find out this music can be truely rewarding.
Production and mastering are, as always, pristine.


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