AirSculpture – Before the Moon

Airsculpture - Before the Moon

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Airsculpture – Before the Moon
CD, Ricochet Dream, 2010

“Before the Moon” is a limited edition, factory-pressed digipack cd-release, previously released as a double cd-r in 2006, offering some fully improvised Berliner School-inspired space music by the legendary UK-trio.

The outcome on this re-release features four lengthy pieces, recorded live in concert during AirSculpture’s performance as part of the Ricochet Gathering 2005 on one of the Canary Islands on October 15, 2005 in celebration of the Full Moon Party.

This cd contains 66-minutes of improvised music, starting out with a long atmospheric intro after which a sequencer pattern sets the piece in motion, with some solos flying over. Toward the end of the first part, the overall sound and interlocking sequencers builds in a powerful manner. Beats and sequencers continue the groovy type of electronics featured on the second part. Despite its rather minimal framework, this track even gets a bit freaky in the second half before fading out.

Heavy Berliner School sequencers start out on the more melodic and vibrant oriented 18-minute “La Gomera pt 3”. The album receives a lively ending with the 12-minute “La Gomera pt 4”. It is spiced with a steady beat and conga-like sequencing while the three musicians lay their improvisations over it, before spiraling out in a moody manner.

“Before the Moon” makes up Berliner School inspired music with an interesting twist.


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