AirSculpture – Quark Soup

AirSculpture - Quark Soup

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AirSculpture – Quark Soup
CD, Neu Harmony, 2001

This is a double cd from the English trio Airsculpture, which only contains live material. What they acchieve live-on-stage is always something surprising, as their Berliner School inspired music relies a lot on improvisation.

The first cd of “Quarksoup” contains the complete, very strong live set they performed on E-Live ’99, which features some great music in wherein TD-oriented sequencers form a red line.

The second cd contains two tracks, taken from their Jodrell Planetarium concert from May 2000. The first half remains rather quiet with lush free form soundscapes and interludes.
It really stands out due to the keen way it has been composed. After about 30 minutes things turn into a dynamic direction as powerful sequencers show up, accompanied by great fierce and soaring solo’s.

All in all, this is a great album for any fan of Berliner School electronics.


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