Alex Tiunaiev – Artificial Symphony

Alex Tiunaiev - Artificial Symphony

Release data:

Alex Tiunaiev – Artificial Symphony
CD-R, Ottersong Records, 2005

This album was released in March 2005 on the US-label Ottersong. Alex Tiuniaev is an ambient composer and electronic music artist from Moscow.

On “Artificial Symphony” he combines the symphonic elements of neo-classical music with ethereal ambient atmospheres and soundscapes. “The Gray Wanderer” starts with gentle symphonic strings and nature sounds, a track carrying cinematic elements.

Next comes “The Mist”, which is overall rhythmic and dance-like as strings and some vocals lead the way. The ambient-groove music of “Life” takes an orchestral shape again, complimented by lyrics.
Personally, I don’t like the use of lyrics on this album that much. They happen to disturb the overall impact of the music, which especially turns out annoying on the title track.

All in all, although a bit short of length, “Artificial Symphony” offers a rather nice blend of ambient-electronica and orchestral flavors carrying influences of Delerium, Enigma an alike.



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