Altus – The Sidereal Cycle 2

Altus - The Sidereal Cycle 2

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Altus – The Sidereal Cycle 2
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Free Floating Music, 2012

“The Sidereal Cycle 2” is the second installment of cinematic music on time and the change of the seasons by Canadian ambient composer Mike Carss. The recording contains one lengthy track, the almost 55-minute Andromeda”, in which one can “see” and “feel” the change of colours and shapes in the landscape and forests slowly evolve as the music gradually progresses.

Once again, the sense to go with the flow of things is deeply embedded in Mike’s serene floating textural work. It sketches the grand design of mother nature in full detail as its world of fading light gently transforms and step-by step silences down until things seem to stand still, expectant for what’s to come next.

To achieve this, Altus has sophisticatedly mixed and layered his usual blend of subtle symphonic stuff with electronics in this neo-classical, soft glowing composition. The latter turns out even stronger, more lush and melancholic in the second half, as soft soaring and more expressive textures make their appearance, adding the right touch of drama.
“The Sidereal Cycle 2” is an invitation to fully immerse in and experience the beauty and decay of a changing season that airs the splendour, quiet and introspective side of autumn.



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