Ambientium – Fractal Philosophy

Ambientium - Fractal philosophy

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Ambientium – Fractal Philosophy
CD-R, Private Release, 2009

Ambientium is the Czech-duo Lubomir and Lucie Cyrk, who have devoted their project Ambientium to their fascination for the world, universe, nature, beauty and love which inspires them to create atmospheric music and which takes you into this story of the cosmos and being.

The album “Fractal Philosophy” is inspired by the cosmos and processes inside where everything is about patterns, such as the cycles from birth to death and death to birth.

The sonic content is an attractive blend of styles which at first glance made me think of the artists on the French Ultimae-label, as both deep sound textures and pronounced bass and glitchy elements step forward, although they together don’t meet the sparkling quality level as achieved by those Ultimae-folks.

What we got here is a 61-minute melodic chill-out journey in its own right which starts out deep and highly atmospheric, on the following tracks evolving into a a pool of moore attractive atmospherics and occasional downtempo/glitch elements.
Enough ingredients to make your mind take a trip elsewhere, especially when listened attentively with headphones.

All in all, “Fractal Philosophy” offers nicely rendered harmonic ambience with subdued energy revealing the beauty of inside things.
The album is available as free download (Flac and MP3 format) from their website.



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