Amir Baghiri – Light Textures

Amir Baghiri - Light Textures

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Amir Baghiri – Light Textures
CD-R, Attenuation Circuit, 2013 , 2013

Amir Baghiri’s “Light Textures” is a concept album made available as a very limited, hand-numbered cd-r of only 55 copies. Like its predecessor, it again comes in a beautifully designed origami-style digipack.

The album’s carefully moulded ambient spaces with occasional sampled footage on space travel pays homage to Omar Khayyam, a Persian polymath and poet and mathematician of the medieval period who also a had great interest in philosophy and astronomy.

Moreover, it’s a journey picking up on the theme of inner and outer space, venturing into a world of balance and expansive sonic bliss, although also some ethnic percussion and didj-drones passes by. Compared to “Prayers for the Earth”, the music carries a distinct tribal scent, floating on into distant lands in a serene but more distant manner.

The ascension of shadows and flickering of light is a constant process going on in the six overall sombre, imaginative sound paintings. From the middle of the album, things though start floating in an immersive manner, lasting until the last piece. All in all, Amir has taken a bit of an alternative (ritual-oriented) route into space exploration, blending large canvasses of soundscapes with down-to-earth elements.

The 67-minute “Light Textures” is fine ambient music suitable for late night listening meant for close listening.


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