ASC – Fervent Dream

ASC - Fervent Dream

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ASC – Fervent Dream
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Silent Season, 2015

A beautifully rendered and overtly tranquil soundscape journey through time and space is what’s found on ASC’s “Fervent Dream”. James Clements, aka ASC, has outdone himself another time by this meticulously crafted pallet of heart-felt, minimal farscapes and pastel textural colours full of emotion.

Each of the eight morphing, smooth evolving and meditative pieces – fitting in the tradition of UK ambient artist 36- seems to reach into the infinite and the heavens with their thick synth layers and treated environmental sounds. I absolutely love the releases cinematic and deep character along the intrinsic power marking the outcome, submerging on “Epsilon Dream” and “Further into the Void” in an enchanting manner before shifting into fluid ethereal realms on the combo “Sullen Lament”/”Ritual of Light”. The album ends with spacy 20-minute “Promises to Keep” featuring a thick, slow pulsating dronescape, synthetic winds, grainy soundbits and a gentle spiraling movement carrying things onward.

Although not topping his excellent “Time Heals All”, there’s a lot of magic and aural immersion happening on the thought provoking, melancholic echoing “Fervent Dream”.


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