Bertrand Loreau (feat. Lambert) – In Search of Silence

Bertrand Loreau (feat. Lambert) - In Search of Silence

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Bertrand Loreau (feat. Lambert) – In Search of Silence
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spheric Music, 2016

The switch to other analogue instruments than his regular gear proves beneficial to the sound of the outcome of Bertrand Loreau’s “In Search of Silence”, who invited Lambert Ringlage in a later stage to add some contributions.

Still firmly rooted in vintage Berlin School and Kosmische Musik, the music on the three-part title piece is one of improvisation, experiment, sound effects and melodic-sequenced parts including various rough edges and along out-of-tune/deranged moments. The melodic parts are provided by swirling solo-voices surfacing now and then, such as on “Orbital Journey” (where the realm of classic TD shines through as well), but overall the release proves not that general-melodic and harmonic-cohesive as some may hope for. This applies the most on the 41-minute “Part 1”, which proves a potpourri of elements not gelling that well over time. Things turn out better on the 13-minute, more classic Schulze-flavored “part 2” where the composer (fortunately!) doesn’t take on too much at one time. Sonically, the final part balances between the first and second one, not turning out that convincing and satisfactory to my ears.

So although being Berliner Schule-inspired and having played it several times with intervals, I can’t deny still having some mixed feelings about this recording.

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