Bertrand Loreau – Journey Through the Past

Bertrand Loreau - Journey Through the Past

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Bertrand Loreau – Journey Through the Past
CD, Spheric Music, 2012

Since long, Spheric Music owner Lambert Ringlage has had a good ear for fine (especially Berliner School-oriented or inspired) electronic music releases.

As the title of this cd already suggest, “Journey through the past” by French composer Bertrand Loreau is another fine melodic recording fitting in the same genre. It’s warm, unhurried and nicely sequenced music made with authentic analogue instruments, so I imagine quite some work was involved to realize this fine outcome. It occasionally appears to be a kind of vintage electronic poetry, but when the music spreads its wings things really starts to blossom.

The joyous and heart-warming “Summer” is a good example of this, featuring various beautiful, intricate sequencer sketches. Other fine takes are “Moog on the Moon”, nicely leaning towards Schulzian end of the ‘70’s stuff, and the bright, more rhythmic-oriented “Welcome to the Show” and “L ‘Arpege a Tord”. A pleasant, sensitive/romantic note is found on the closing piece “Meeting you”.

On the other hand, one must like the improvisational style of playing solo voices on other pieces (especially on the longer take “DX Seven Age”) as these tend to slightly deregulate the harmony within a composition a bit in my opinion. Occasionally, the audio quality of the recording isn’t flawless either, as I heard several drop-outs and glitches.

All in all, “Journey through the past” makes a nicely crafted effort, evoking a fair bit of vintage nostalgia.

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