Bertrand Loreau – Nostalgic Steps

Bertrand Loreau - Nostalgic Steps

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Bertrand Loreau – Nostalgic Steps
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spheric Music, 2013

On “Nostalgic Steps”, French synthesist Berrand Loreau offers another collection of vintage electronic music, paying tribute to the big names of the Berliner School and their recognizable sequencer style.

I think this one is more cohesive, moody and musically stronger than the previous Spheric recording “Journey through the past”, as the sounds and pads are warmer, the Moog-sequencer lines are tasty and the compositions themselves are consistent, melodic and (indeed) evoking that nostalgic fine feel of the ’70’s through many references. It seems the recent discovery and purchase of a virtual analogue synth has helped and inspired quite a bit to achieve the nicely paced outcome. This time, Bertrand even finds his way on two longer pieces, the 11-minute “Semblance of a Mysterious Dream” and “Sense of Heart”. Only “Birds of Nowhere” shows weaknesses with its searching approach and sound experiments.

All in all, “Nostalgic Steps” will appeal a lot to those who keep a warm spot for 70’s retro music.

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