Bertrand Loreau – Spiral Lights

Bertrand Loreau - Spiral Lights

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Bertrand Loreau – Spiral Lights
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spheric Music , 2014

The music compiled on “Spiral Lights” reflects on the so-called “Sequences” compositions which Bertrand Loreau used as musical background during live performances. Sonically, the eights nostalgic and analogue sounding tracks shine a news light as they have been carefully re-worked, a process in which new melodic lines, pads and solo-voices were added to give the outcome a more solid, new and deeper dimension.

The 70-minute outcome is quite a feast of vibrant, spacious and happy sequencing, which especially comes to bloom on “Rainbow”, the sparkling “Colbert Street” and the smooth evolving (’90’s) TD-ish “Libourne part 3”. “Colbert Street” has some great drums but also a few drop-outs.

I for one think the overall result would have been even stronger if some improvised, directionless and often unnecessary solos (such as in “Sequence Memory”, the second part of “Kites” or in the first half of the emotive “Libourne part 2”) were left out and just stick to warm (string and choir)pads, textural dressings and spherical fillings.

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