Blue Stone – Breathe

Blue Stone - Breathe

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Blue Stone – Breathe
CD, Neurodisc, 2006

Blue Stone is a new project on Neurodisc, a label which already released the accessible and successful music of Amethystium and Ryan Farish.

Knowing this, one definitely hears clear echoes of these two in the electronic, rather laid-back pop music of Blue Stone, aka Robert Smith (also known as the driving force behind chill-out artist Bella Sonus) and Bill Walters.

The lush music features some occasional lyrics as it blends acoustic, electronic and ethnic textures with Gregorian chants and the soprano vocals of the classically trained Darcy.
It all makes up for 15 tracks (70 minutes) of electro-acoustic music with pulsating bass lines, tribal beats, and lots of melody.

Can’t say the outcome with a slice of Enigma and Delerium was a surprise to me, but I’m sure fans of the formerly mentioned acts like to give this a listen.



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