Boreal Taiga – Isopectic Isotac

Boreal Taiga - Isopectic Isotac

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Boreal Taiga – Isopectic Isotac
CD-R, Wayfarer Records, 2010

Ambient musician JimDe, who currently resides in Norway, is the ambient musician who initiated the down-tempo project Boreal Taiga around 1999.

The electronic music found on “Isopectic Isotac” is graced with a nice sense of wonder, as it draws its inspiration from the expansive and remote Arctic region and its grand natural scenery. One can almost feel the cold coming in, as the carefully moulded and lush textures meander and curl in an elusive, but also original manner.

Those who love quiet, spacious and cinematic tapestries with occasional moving patterns and environmental sound effects will find lots of their liking here, such as the flowing sonic landscaping of “Polaris” and “Kotzebue Sound”.
With this type of music, the beauty and immersive impact easily reveals itself when having a close listen in a comfortable position.
Well done!

The album is also available for download on iTunes, and CDBaby.

P.s. The albums music is used in the arctic film “Landscapes at the World’s Ends” by Richard Sidey.


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