Castleview – Artifacts

Castleview - Artifacts

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Castleview – Artifacts
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2013

“Artifacts”, a compilation-release by South Louisiana-based composer Castleview, takes its listener on a quiet ambient trip where morphing and dense drone-spheres in a minimal fashion rule quite a bit. In addition, an experimental/abstract approach to the matter also becomes clear from the start, with an emphasis on an edgy (at times even harsher) sound design.

I for one would love to hear this in a more spatial, open and brighter fashion, such as the mystical cloudscapes drifting by on the otherworldly “Neptune”, where tiny beams of light start shimmering through the darkening, minimalists masses. Foggy, slow morphing textural scapes make up “Devonian Sea”, followed by the gentle soaring and resonating string pads of the quite intimate “Sunlight Valley”. It even gets more introspective and tranquil on “Zen”, although I think the occasional drony undercurrents in this organ-sound meditation are a bit tiring/distracting.

Tension sets in again on “Sunset Drone”, followed by drone washes starting to build again and going deeper on the fascinating “Dream Sequence” that ends abruptly. The final piece “Noisebient” though can’t do any good for me, as its sound reminds me of a moist and dysfunctional tape recorder. I suggest you put on your adventurous ears if you’re going to dig “Artifacts”, as it demands focused listening and an open attitude.

The digital-only release is available on a name-your-price basis from the artists Bandcamp-site.



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