Chad Hoefler – Quiet Glow

Chad Hoefler - Quiet Glow

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Chad Hoefler – Quiet Glow
CD, LotusPike, 2005

“Quiet Glow” is Chad Hoefler’s second album and again a concept release, this time dealing with “simplicity” and “light”. In addition, it’s classified by the label as “intelligent electronic music” featuring “icy overtones and glitchy electronic textures”.

Well, there’s certainly a somewhat quirky side to Hoefler’s music, which is basically accessible, but his approach also reminds me of the rather extraordinary ambient releases by the Dutch DataBloem label.
The rather experimental, glitchy opening of “Radiant Blue” scared me off a bit, but shortly after that warm textures fill the sound spectrum. The same applies for the fifth track “Luminary”, while the fourth track is a very nice freeform floater.

This said, “Quiet Glow” offers some adventurous angles which one must like, but the floating melodic lines are a proper counterpoint. The excellent mix and mastering were oncemore in the capable hands of Robert Rich.



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