Chad Hoefler – Twilight in the Offing

Chad Hoefler - Twilight in the Offing

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Chad Hoefler – Twilight in the Offing
CD, Hypnos Recordings, 2004

“Twilight in the Offing” (mastered by Robert Rich) is the debut album of US-synthesist Chad Hoeffler. According to the composer, it’s a concept album on inevitability, the inescapable fact that darkness follows dusk, that fall and winter follow summer, and that the expiration of life is the ultimate certainty.

The disc itself contains seven tracks, making up 60 minutes of spacious and rather dark-flavoured ambient soundscape music. Beside a strong organic and lively sound current running through the mysterious but always evolving textural landscapes, it’s especially its cinematic and tribal/minimalist form that make it something special.

I most certainly hear the “shadow” of Robert Rich nicely shimmer through Chad’s vast and adventurous sonic creations, but also Steve Roach occasionally comes to mind when one immerses in the surreal, vast and edgy soundworlds.

All these elements make the wonderous, mesmerizing and soft breathing sound design of “Twilight in the Offing” a recommended recording for focussed listening.



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