Christopher Franke – Epic

Christopher Franke - Epic

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Christopher Franke – Epic
CD, Earthtone Records, 1999

Christopher Franke is best known as a former member of Tangerine Dream, a band he joined from 1970 until 1988. After that, he moved to the United States to pursue a career as composer of music for movies and TV shows, of which “Universal Soldier” and “Babylon 5” in the 1990s were the most notable.

“Epic” is a compilation album that brings together 18 tracks from various soundtracks (such as “Raven” and “Night of the Running Man”) beside outtakes from “The Celestine Prophecy”, two pieces of his first solo album “Pacific Coast Highway” and two unreleased tracks.

The style of mood music found here is overall melodic, relaxed and smooth, with occasional new age and romantic flavours, making it stand far apart from the previous Tangerine Dream sound.
Keeping this in mind, these gentle and graceful orchestral compositions create a soothing, relaxed sonic environment of their own.


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