Christopher Franke – Klemania

Christopher Franke - Klemania

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Christopher Franke – Klemania
CD, Sonic Images, 1993

All those that experienced a huge disappointment after hearing the soothing, new-age musings on Franke first solo-album “Pacific Coast Highway” can rest assured on what’s on “Klemania”. On the latter, Christopher returns to traditional electronic music in TD-style, offering some powerful synth-textures and tantalizing sequencer patterns already kicking in fiercely on the first five minutes of “Scattered Thoughts of a Canyon Flight”. Despite its blasting, very promising and vibrant opening, the energy of the opening piece is pulled back thereafter, as inconsistent elements show up making the music lack thorough direction from there on.

More calming waves surface on “Inside the Morphing Space” after (again) an excellent opening with fast and poignant sequencing, followed by several mellow passages that refer to the “Pacific Coast Highway”-approach. A short melodic track rounds out the 46-minute release, which feels a bit of as left over.

In a way, the whole outcome made me imagine how Tangerine Dream album might have sounded after they abandoned their successful trademark of extended, experimental-flavored compositions with both a cosmic and psychedelic edge at their core.

Initially, “Klemania” was released as a special limited edition cd (2000 copies) and launched at the Dutch KLEM-dag electronic music festival in 1993. A second pressing for the general audience followed in 1994. It contained an all remixed version of the second track “Inside the Morphing Space”.


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