Christopher Franke – The London Concert

Christopher Franke - The London Concert

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Christopher Franke – The London Concert
CD, Varese Sarabande/Sonic Images, 1993

“The London Concert” by ex-TD member Chris Franke features his one and only live performance after he left Tangerine Dream. On the occasion in October 1991, Mr Franke was assisted on stage by his trusted engineer Edgar Rothermich (aka Richard E. Roth).

The 47-minute recording kicks off with the grand and atmospheric new track “Empire of Light” before moving into the softened dwellings of the new age “Purple Waves”. Fortunately, the music harkens back to the glorious retro-flavored TD-period with a notably meeker version of “Cloudburst Flight”, followed by the daft, calming acoustic and very relaxed “Black Garden View”. Now we arrive at the energetic part of the album, as things are really spiced up by the poly-rhythmic sequencing and dramatic electronics of “Vermillion Sands” (the original appears on the first KLEM cd) and the rather majestic “Mountain Heights”. “Dolphin Dance” ends the album in a bright, up-tempo fashion.

Next to this European release, a US edition came out which lists “Dolphin Dance” and “Private Diaries” as bonus pieces (the last one is not on the European version).

Although “The London Concert” makes quite a nice album, the overall sound quality isn’t that great or dynamic.


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