Cosmic Ground – Live

Cosmic Ground - Live

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Cosmic Ground – Live
CD/LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Sunhair Music, 2017

“Live” compiles a mix of the best moments of the concerts Cosmic Ground played at E-Live festival 2016 and Psychedelic Network Festival 2016. At both gigs, where Dirk Jan Müller was accompanied on stage by Horst “Sunhair” Porkert, improvised sets of music were played based or expanded upon the outcome of the first three CG releases, featuring similar sound design and sequences.

However, and most certainly due to the live setting, the various sounds and ongoing sequences (all recorded straight from the mixer with no overdubs) have turned out lighter, less complex but also less varied on each of the four lengthy tracks. I for one also would have loved more freeform, non-rhythmic stuff. It’s rather regrettable as I love the magic and vintage power of Cosmic Ground’s music studio efforts where all ingredients are assembled with care and eye for detail. On stage these have transformed to a more diffuse, bleaker alter-ego missing the spark to the flame too often. Of the whole outcome I’d say the 20-minute “Dark Enck” comes closest to the quality of Müller’s studio work.
All in all I rate this album between 3 and 3,5 stars.


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