Craig Padilla – Below The Mountain

Craig Padilla - Below The Mountain

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Craig Padilla – Below The Mountain
CD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2008

“Below the Mountain” is a beautiful ambient and deep space offering by skilled electronic musician Craig Padilla.

Created on analogue synthesizers for the most biggest part, the concept album was inspired by the environments surrounding Mt. Shasta. This has led to seven pieces of carefully moulded in-depth ambient music with a highly contemplative, cinematic impact.
Music wise, it continues along the road Craig has been investigating on his previous releases on Spotted Peccary, but also Steve Roach and the classic Berliner School of music.

“Currents” sets off with beautiful woven textures and vintage sounds and effects, followed by some great sequencing and warm expanding textures in Roach-style in “Woven Planet”.

The warm soundings of “Wandering Thought” continue in a more pastoral manner, before we move into he engaging realms and effects of “Endless Road”.

The 18-minute track “Windspell” is dedicated to the late Michael Garrison (Windspell was actually the name of Michael’s record label), so it won’t be a surprise this piece contains some of Garrison’s typical musical trademarks mingled with Craig expanding, spacious sonics.
“First Light” is a lush ambient interlude, in which warm blankets of textures and nice sequencing melt.

The 22-minute closing track “Alturas” features the beautiful vocals of Craig’s wife Brooke, which nicely melt with the sounds of vintage electronics and sequencing. Things start in a rather melancholic manner, but soon take off for a great cinematic voyage.

All in all, very nicely done, Craig.


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