Csillagköd – Silent World

Csillagköd - Silent World

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Csillagköd – Silent World
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2014

Csillagköd, Hungarian for Nebula, is an ambient-space project started by Olivér Dombi in 2011 with the aim to transfer his profound interest in the philosophical side of time, space and the cosmos into soundscape music.

On “Silent World”, we hear slow morphing and broadening drone-based textures roaming through darkening spheres on the first two pieces. Thereafter, the textural music shifts to a soft soaring and rather gentle cosmic drift through amorphous environs, letting in glimpses of light.

On the beautiful “Nap”, the cosmic sound opens up briefly to symphonic shape, sinking back inward as the sedate title track announces itself. The last few minutes of this are very quiet though, featuring a kind of distant rumble. The final track winds things down once more in a lighter fashion while it fades away into the distance.

Although the overall sound design of “Silent World” is a bit awkward to my ears at times, the outcome explores rather deep and shady ambient territory, demanding a couple of extra spins and focused listening to grab its real core and impact.
I feel Csillagköd is a name ambient listeners should keep an ear on.

Website: csillagkod.bandcamp.com


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