Damián Anache – Capturas del Único Camino

Damián Anache - Capturas del Único Camino

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Damián Anache – Capturas del Único Camino
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Concepto Cero & Inkilino Records, 2014

For this peculiar album we travel to Argentina, homeland of experimental composer Damián Anache. The latter constructed so called generative “landscape” ambient using an algorithm applied to the sounds of a large range of instruments, field recordings and voice.

The 58-minute “Capturas del Único Camino” features an outcome of random choices made by the computer which eventually materialized as an audio cd as well as an audiovisual art installation. Brian Eno, John Cage and contemporary classical music come to mind briefly while digging this tranquil, morphing and overtly subtle sonic backdrop of minimalism, avant-garde and electro-acoustic sources without the slightest touch of melody.

Of the four pieces, the third trip “Paisaje Artificial” is the most electronic of the spatial, unstructured and weird sound art recordings. A spatial display and variety of the pure sounds of water make up the last piece “Paisaje Natural”. The space between the isolated notes is essential to maintain the solitude and tranquility of the abstract and rather surreal sound paintings.

Although there’s a sense of relaxation and ease present all the way, the 58-minute microscopic sound creation is a bit too much to grab and keep my attention.

Website: damiananache.bandcamp.com


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