Dave Fulton – Hard Particles

Dave Fulton - Hard Particles

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Dave Fulton – Hard Particles
CD, Eurock , 1999

Some may know US-musician David Fulton who’s one half of the veteran space music band Dweller at the Threshold. His debut album “Hard Particles” offers a nice display of his retro-ambient spaced-out style, but is not always that accessible or easy at hand.

The 52-minute cohesive sound design features a certain sci-fi and a surreal edge as it washes ashore, evolving slowly and enigmatic, on a few spots with sequenced parts. To that comes a range of dense, warm but also abstract sounds, sometimes turning a bit rusty or moving into a smooth but weird aural bubble. Overall, “Hard Particles” really has to grow on the listener due to its stark and exact nature.



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