David Wright – Dreams and Distant Moonlight

David Wright - Dreams and Distant Moonlight

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David Wright – Dreams and Distant Moonlight
CD, AD Music, 2008

Although I’m not into the music of David Wright nor his side project Code: Indigo, I had a pleasant introduction to his music when I encountered his album “Momentum”.

“Dreams and Distant Moonlight”, which is supposed to be a cross of styles of his previous albums “Walking with Ghosts” and “Continuum”, is his next step, offering 77 minutes of music.

The music starts nice with engaging, warm and enchanting synth pads, but this feel is erased bit by bit on the following tracks, where the music appeared not to be as inspired as I may have expected in the first place.
This isn’t changed by the rocky and soloing guitar additions, occasional vocal textures or the string arrangements popping up on various places.

What remains is harmonious, bland music that is far too easy and evolving too slow to my taste. This especially comes to the surface in the middle part of the album where there just isn’t much happening, especially when the guitar noodlings keep going on.

It all leaves a rather empty feeling compared to his very inspired “Momentum”, nor did it put a spell on me.

Website: www.admusicshop.com/artist/david-wright

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