Dedast – Banished From The Realm

Dedast - Banished From The Realm

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Dedast – Banished From The Realm
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Cosmicleaf Records, 2013

“Banished From The Realm” is a relaxed trip into emotive ambient music, revealing a range of minimalist and neo-classical elements along cinematic farscapes.The contemporary, overtly transparent sound design constructed by Vasilis Miamis (aka Dedast) also features some hints of down-tempo, while the piano notes add a sense of lightness and slight contemplation.

In my opinion, the 13-minute title track on this recording illustrates the impact and richness of Dedast’ sound paintings best, pairing elevating and slow meandering/curling spheres with rhythms, leading things into a captivating, chill-out flavored area.

The second half of the album has a few more rhythm-driven (but never hasty nor too melodic) outings with poignant bass lines, most notably on more upfront “On Rails” and the mellow tunes of “Outer World”.
As such, there’s plenty to discover and enjoy on this well-composed and produced release.



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