Diatonis – Ambient Life

Diatonis - Ambient Life

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Diatonis – Ambient Life
CD, Private Release, 2003

The album “Ambient Life” is a 3 cd set by Stuart White, aka Diatonis, which contains 23 tracks.
This is a smooth journey through soft atmospheric drones, which seem to be a dedication to life, trying to capture its essence, beauty, remoteness, warmth and profoundness.

As for the music, Stuart used a variety of instruments, of which the guitar is te most identifiable.
All other electric and acoustic sound sources have been heavenly manipulated. Stuarts explains that they have been processed by layering, convolving and stretching out over time.

As such, this is an imtimate journey into contemplation offering deep minimalism and atmospheric ambience throughout.

An album only for ambient fans who seek deeper mood.

Website: www.diatonis.com

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