Distant System – Spiral Empire

Distant System - Spiral Empire

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Distant System – Spiral Empire
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Celestial Dragon Records, 2008

Sonically, this actually could have been a release on the fine Ultimae label, lining up nicely next to some Aes Dana and Asura recordings over there. But it isn’t.

Distant System is a project by US-composer Tyler Smith (also known as Androcell) who creates sonic textures and rhythms intended to engage and extend the experiencer. Moreover, his signature sound is spacious, deep, narrative and seductive. To achieve this, Tyler fuses melodic chill-out, slow-trance and dry beats/pulse rhythms with catchy, atmospheric down-tempo excursions, designed and sequenced for cerebral and explorative atmospheres.

Just try the excellent opening piece “Astropolis” and you know you’re one of the passengers on a great trip in slow-motion through galactic environs. This 62-minute spacy-trippy instrumental release even reveals a bit of dance floor potential on the celestial “Outer Rim”, while maintaining a sense of bliss in between the grooves, followed by expansive space textures on the non-rhythmic “Cloud Nebula”.

All in all, the flowing and excellent produced ambient down-tempo making up “Spiral Empire” simply never grows tired.

Website: www.distantsystem.com


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