Djen Ajakan Shean – Crows Heading For Point Blank

Djen Ajakan Shean - Crows Heading For Point Blank

Release data:

Djen Ajakan Shean – Crows Heading For Point Blank
CD-SINGLE, Amplexus, 1995

Djen Ajakan Shean is the pseudonym of a Belgium artist who contributed to the album “Parallel Flaming” of vidnaObmana (aka Dirk Serries), but who fell off the radar not long after release of this cd-single. I remember Mr Serries once saying he joined a community of a circus and never heard back from him.

“Crows Heading For Point Blank”, the third in a special series of limited art/ambient releases in tri-fold A5 card packaging of Stefano Gentile’s Italian Amplexus-label, contains one 21-minute piece. It starts out with drifting and soothing freeform soundscapes evoking a most pleasant heavenly impact. This peaceful floating tapestry of textures is “interrupted” by percussion and a heavy drum kicking in at 7:47, setting the soundscapes in slow motion while giving it a minimal touch. This lasts until the last few minutes, where the percussion smoothly vanishes while the heavenly pads heard previously resurface again.

According to the inner sleeve notes, the music is an excerpt of the album “Lucubration” (a compilation of compositions) but as far as I know this full-length was never released. I for one would love to hear it.



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