Dweller at the Threshold – Full Boundary Condition

Dweller at the Threshold - Full Boundary Condition

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Dweller at the Threshold – Full Boundary Condition
CD, Quantum Records, 2004

All who missed out on the original DATT’s albums “No Boundary Condition” (1996) and “Generation-Transmission-Illumination” (1998) can simply catch up by buying the 3-cd set “Full Boundary Condition”.

Next to the already mentioned albums (but now presented in full glory as 24-bit remasters) comes a third cd of 65 minutes with some nice, most interesting goodies. The four-part track “Full Boundary Condition” along an intro/outro piece on there is assembled of fine live recordings made during rehearsals by the US-trio Duval/Fulton/Ellis in 2001. Their fresh approach has led to the synthesis of vintage electronic sounds and sequencing with evocative atmospheres where some intrinsic power waves are almost always at work.

The outcome making up “Full Boundary Condition” features a catchy reinterpretation of old school electronics and Berlin School synth music, and is also highly recommended for those with a knack for deep space exploration.

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