Forrest Fang – Following the Ether Sun

Forrest Fang - Following the Ether Sun

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Forrest Fang – Following the Ether Sun

Besides synthesizer, violin and an assortment of hand-based percussion instruments, Chinese-American sound-sculptor Forrest Fang also plays some far lesser known and uncommon stringed instruments on “Following the Ether Sun”, once more blending a refined hybrid of Western and Eastern influences.

This time around though (and contrary to his previous recording “The Sleepwalker’s Ocean”) the listener is invited to travel upwards into the grand, infinite spaces of the skies above through an intriguing imaginary world of mysterious yet engaging melodic lines, ethereal textures and compelling rhythms.

Moreover, the sound pallet of the eight tracks incorporates the organic (“The Last Technicolor Dream”, “Hinterlands”) and fluid-cosmic (“Midnight Rain”, “Chiaroscuro”, “Receding Pool”), staying true to the infectious electronic/acoustic formulae with progressive, ethnic, folk and classical influences known from Fang’s other works addressing the fantastic with warm, enthralling and ever-shifting worlds of sound.

It curls up in a most mesmerizing fashion on “A River in Retrogade” and the epic 17-minute “Left of the Sky”. Especially on the latter piece things are in slow transformation while the continuous sky dissolves in liquid form.


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