Frozen Thoughts – Calm Before The Storm

Frozen Thoughts - Calm Before The Storm

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Frozen Thoughts – Calm Before The Storm
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Glacial Movements, 2013

This is a typical album of slow morphing, non-rhythmic textural ambient, featuring five drifting movements clocking between 9 and 13 minutes. Biosphere’s “Substrata” comes to mind, as Frozen Thought’s chill-out music also incorporates delicate environmental sounds of snow, fire, ice and wind. The deep ambient outcome, composed by Croatia-based composer/producer Petar Šakić, aka Frozen Thoughts, who made quite a lot of hardcore techno and gabber music around the year 2K. His musical interest made a firm switch after he ran into Biosphere’s chilling, highly atmospheric ambient outing “Substrata” in 2005.

“Calm Before The Storm” ventures in similar sonic territory, visualizing vast plains of snow, remote landscapes of permafrost, and lakes with ice sculptures. Its minimal structure has a most tranquil, if not hypnotizing effect, reaching a majestic, velvet quality with intrinsic beauty on the immersive “Godlight”.

The celestial sphere nicely continues to almost symphonic effect on the next track “We are not alone”. The title track is a slightly dissonant, restless and harsher sounding breathing space, bringing a turbulent ending to this deep-listening ambient recording.
It all works best when listened to through headphones at low volume.



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