G.E.N.E. – Flying Fish

G.E.N.E. - Flying Fish

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G.E.N.E. – Flying Fish
CD, Innovative Communications, 1995

G.E.N.E. (Grooving Electronics Natural Environments) is no single musician, producer, or influence, but several established musicians who have brought their own style and instrumentation to recordings.

The overall concept behind it is to create a style of music that exists at the intersection between nature and technology that would unite the recording studio and the exotic places of the earth. “Flying Fish” (an underwater meditation from the magic sands of Zanzibar) contains what we nowadays call ambient chill-out. It’s one of the many successful releases on the German Innovative Communications label.

It’s a smooth and unhurried sonic meditation and stress-relief music made by Software-member Michael Weisser (using the moniker Cléo de Mallio) and Quiet Force co-founder Steven Toeteberg (aka Lisa-Maria Tedesca). This 60-minute album is an easy-going and dreamy ride featuring profoundly soft sounds and textures exclusively, altogether creating vast, transparent sonic wallpaper.

So give “Flying-Fish” a try if you’re into laid back, melodically-centred compositions with occasional nature ambiances and sounds.



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