Gaylene – Journey to the Surface

Gaylene - Journey to the Surface

Release data:

Gaylene – Journey to the Surface
CD-R, Private Release, 1995/2001

Gaylene is a synthesist from Norwalk, Connecticut, and one of the few female musicians within nowadays electronic music scene.

Her album “Journey to the Surface”, which was already released on mc in 1995, was originally recorded as a soundtrack for an exhibit at the Norwalk Maritime Center.

The more dynamic opening track with tabla percussion is said to be part of a forthcoming project.
From the second track on we literally go underwater with almost 15 minutes of minimalist spacescapes and intimate atmospheric ambience. Its character vaguely reminded me of John Dyson’s classic piece “I.F.O”.

The third track shows more movement as synth-strings and flute built a kind of atmosphere as Larkins’ album “Ocean”.
Tracks four, five and six make up the trilogy “Voice from the Shells”, which features several interesting sections, but overall the acoustic guitar and synth-strings didn’t make the same impression as the previous music . This is more new age territory to me.

All in all, this is an above average album which space music fans should have a listen at.



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