Gulan – Sphere

Gulan - Sphere

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Gulan – Sphere
CD-R, Private Release, 2005

Since a while I’m familiar with the nice ambient space music by Gulan, aka Andrei Gulaikin, who seems to compile albums from various tracks of the same name.

“Sphere”, which comes with great cover art, starts in the same manner as his album “Cassiopeia”: warm, drifting textures of the title track embrace the listener with tranquil, ethereal sonics.

The 11-minute “Airway-2” is more active, as the textures have a stronger symphonic and deepening sound and are accompanied by nice sequencing.
Next comes “Altai”, the longest track on the album, an almost 18-minute tranquil, slow meandering floater, nicely followed by the expanding, planetarium soundscapes of “Cosmophonia”.

“Airway-4” and returns to the more active, sequenced style. The only minor point on the album is the freeform “Abstracto”, which sounded a bit rough to my ears.

All in all, “Sphere” is a well produced and composed cosmic journey which lots of ambient/space fans will surely embrace.
Nicely done, Andrei!


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